The Week Before the Festival

I decided to stay at Budapest for a week before the Hungarian Contact Dance Improvisation Festival starts. I planned a lot of things, but mainly I wanted to focus on my website.

I have friends here, but I did not reach out for them vigorously, I spend my days in Cafe Csiga. I only can work with people and noise around me. I know. I am an alien. Despite that, in the evenings I did go out a bit, in Margaret Island, than some places I knew from the time I was living here. That's how I turned up in Kék Ló (which means Blue Horse) two days ago. Nostalgia walked me there, but for some reason I was a bit afraid to step into my past.

As I was looking for a place to sit, to guys, who lost themselves into their conversation, looked up at me. One of them become aware of my obvious situation, and said:

'Hey, take a seat.'

So I sat down, and I was immediately invited to their night. I spent the whole day alone so I was eager to join in, no matter how random it was. The night went on so smoothly. I felt like I am living a completely different life of mine, yet it felt natural. I had the best discussions since a long time. Over philosophy, religion, psychology, literature, men and women. Over life.

As one of the nice men walked me home, a thunder was in the air, we could feel the silence before the storm. We were talking about the layers of reality. How often do you have the chance in your life to have a walk like the ancient philosophers did in a european capital at a balmy summer night?

The other guy was a comedian, and he invited me to an open mic stand up comedy night in a bar. I decided to follow the flow I found, so I went there. The night was hilarious. There were comedians from Sudan, France, Nigeria, Canada, Australia, Syria, and I can't even finish the list. For me, who lives in the countryside, this was a refreshing experience.

Recently, I got the advice that I should wait for the invitation in life, and I was following the flow I stepped into a much more interesting story I expected. Today, I will visit an exhibiton where I was invited last night, I will sing and play on my ukulele in front of audience. Looking forward to those adventures!

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