About Me



I was born in Miskolc, Hungary. After High School, I got an actress diploma at Békéscsaba, than I made a Buddhist teacher BA degrees (Japanese Language and Culture Course) at The Dharma Gate Buddhist College, Budapest. Now, I work at the National Theatre of Miskolc as a director assistant.


In the future, I wish to act on stage and in films, and I want to write novels, dramas, and screenplays. I want to travel in the world, find interesting and valuable people and stories and share it with the world.


Hm. Interesting...

I am very interested in practical philosophy, developing community organized economics, arts as a social activity. I find poetry in brutality and intimacy. I am really excited about physics in space, space travel and how it will affect humanity.

My Story


I could not fit in neither as a child or as a teenager. I spent a lot of time alone, reading, telling stories to myself. I attended tale-telling competitions and went to drama classes. I danced. I wrote a lot of short stories and several novels, until one of them, which I wrote at the age of 13 to 14, had been published in 2006 (The Curious (A kíváncsi), Pallas Antikvárium Publisher, Budapest). 

I left my hometown at the age of 17, and I finished high school and started the first year at acting school at the same time. I was really motivated and I believed I had something to show to the world. Fortunately, I was wrong.

After I finished acting school, I was struggling to get a job as an actress. I decided to move on, attending a Buddhist college and study the Japanese language.

I finished college, I moved back to my hometown and I decided I wanted to work in the theatre again. I wrote several emails to the local theatre, and I called them several times until I managed to get an interview. Long story short, the director hired me as a director assistant.

My passion for storytelling, which was there from the beginning, helped me through times of exhaustion, jealousy, bitterness, and anxiety. I look at my position as a step on a long journey. And the journey is not about me, it is about bringing value to the world.

 Ever since I had my book published, I was writing poems and short stories, but only for myself. So, I worked on my writing and looked for opportunities to move. I found travel blogging. That was the moment I decided I will be a freelance writer. And now, I am here.

What I believe

I believe in Art.

I believe that Art and the ability to create Art belongs to everyone.

I believe in community.

I believe that exploring, learning and discussing is not only something you do for yourself, but it becomes even more valuable through sharing. To grow a compassionate understanding towards ourselves, towards others and how communities work is something worth to move for.

I believe in suffering.

I believe that every experience and decision is valuable and has its beauty. Suffering is a natural phenomenon and works light a supportive weight on your way in a certain direction.

I believe in compassionate awareness.

It is a balance I am searching for between my world and the world around me. It is rather a subjective statement about giving and receiving energy and focus.

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Contact Me

I write reviews about interesting places (restaurants, cafes, museums, exhibitions, nature sights, historical monuments), programs (music festivals, art festivals, trips, special sports), films an theatrical plays.

I write stories, plays, screenplays, or interpret books on stage for you.

I do translate from Hungarian to English and vice versa.